Pro’s questions

How much does it cost to use the application?

For professionnals our application is partially free, you will have access to the base toolbox and functions. It will be possible to consult and send your offer for free. We will also offer a ‘Pro Advantages’ subscription as well as on-demand function at affordable price.

How do we signup for the application?

You must first fill the only registration form certainly easy to find on the site then click to submit at the end of the page. Your request will then be approved within 24 hours and you’re good to start finding new customers.

Hoes does the application work?

Once signed up, you receive tender requests from clients for services you offer for which you are qualified. Send a service proposal which meet all the client needs. we will establish a contact once the client decide to hire your services.

How do we reply to a request for tenders?

Select one request for tenders from a potential client, evaluate the needs and then fill the send-an-offer form with all relevant information. If there is missing information do not hesitate to ask some questions to the client.

How can I increase the number of online customer through your application?

We do not manage requests for tenders from clients, you will get all queries from customers located in your area. Your reputation is your best marketing tool to convince clients to hire your services.

Is it an obligation to evaluate the client?

No, but we highly recommand it and your are also encourage to do it. We do compile all pro’s reviews in order for clients to build their reputation on this application.

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